What album companies do you design for ?

We can design albums for any album company. When you order, you will indicate the album company in the order form and we will look up the specifications to make sure the designs are set up properly.

What is your turnaround time ?

Our standard turnaround time is 1 to 2 working days.

How do i place an order for album design service ?

  • Login to our website.
  • Click on ‘Place New Order’
  • Complete the order form and then click on ‘Proceed to File Upload’ button.
  • Click on the ‘Add Files’ button (or drag in your files if your browser supports it) to select your files to upload, Once you’re done selecting your files, click on the ‘Upload’ button to start uploading your files.

How many images do you recommend for an album design ?

We recommend about 4 to 6 images per spread. So for a 15 spread (30 page) album – 60 to 90 images.

Can I submit more images and have your designers pick the images for me ?

Yes, You can submit more images and we will select the best ones to go in the design.

How do I convey my particular design style and preferences to your company ?

While ordering, put your comments and notes in special instructions column. We will make sure to follow the notes while designing the album. You can also send us a link to your favorite album design.

Can you design similar to my existing album design ?

  • Yes, while filling out the order form, under Design Style select ‘My Custom’ and enter a link to view your album design.
  • You can also upload your favorite album design under ‘My Preferences’.
  • You can also send us an email with a link or with an attachment.

Besides weddings, can you design other types of albums like mitzvahs, potraits, boudoirs, seniors, parties etc ?

Absolutely! Anything that you need an album design for. We can design albums for any type of events.

How do you send the design for proofing ?

  • We have our own album proofing system.
  • You can view design layouts, submit changes, or approve design through our online album proofing system.

How can i show the design to my clients for their feedback ?

  • You can forward the design preview link directly to your client.
  • Your client can view design layouts, submit changes or approve design directly through the preview link.
  • The comments submitted by your client are directly sent to the designer keeping you in a CC

Will my clients know someone else designed their album ?

  • No, our album proofing system is completely custom branded.
  • The url of the album proofing website is http://www.albumproofing.net

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